Church Partnerships

We welcome the opportunity to partner with churches as we seek to spread the gospel and help those in need. Here are some practical ways that your church can help the PHC:

  • Pray for us. We need your prayers as we strive to be an effective help to our community.
  • Resources. We are always in need of new or gently used resources that can be used by people in need. Local churches can really help by pooling together resources that can be donated to the PHC.
  • Monthly Support. Consider financially supporting the PHC on a monthly basis.

There are many other ways that churches can get involved. Please contact us, we are looking forward to partnering with you.

I am thankful for the strategic partnership we have with the Pregnancy Help Center (PHC).  We are a small church, with limited resources, but we have made supporting the PHC one of our priorities.  I am encouraged by the Gospel-centered approach the PHC has to ministering to pregnant mothers.  Like most every other Crisis Pregnancy Center, the PHC aims to protect the lives that are in the womb.  But, unlike many Crisis Pregnancy Centers, the PHC is committed to faithfully sharing the rich Gospel message to these vulnerable mothers, as well.

As a Pastor I am also helped by the Biblical Counseling training that the PHC provides for all of the volunteer counselors.  These volunteers learn from a top notch Biblical Counseling Curriculum that equips them to counsel not only pregnant mothers, but members of the body of Christ, and anyone that might come across their paths.  This is an additional reason why I support the participation of our members in volunteering at the PHC.

Pray for this ministry.  Pray for wisdom for the Board Members.  Pray for the Lord to save lives and change lives through the faithfulness of all who are involved in this Gospel Mission.

Rick Hensley
Pastor, Grace and Truth Community Church